Recent power outage is not ‘dumsor’ – Napo

Energy Minister, Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has urged Ghanaians to keep calm and stop tagging the recent power crisis as ‘dumsor’.

According to him, the current power challenges cannot be tagged as dumsor because it is different from what happened during the era of former President John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking to the media during his visit to GRIDCo, Mr. Prempeh refuted the assertion that the energy sector is in a financial crisis thus contributing to the power outage.

He said: “We should all be sincere and truthful in our communication. In 2016, the whole country was given periods when we are to receive power and when to be off. In 2016, the government of the day told us it was a generation problem. Even the opposition then said the government did not have money to buy fuel to power the generators. This is not a generation problem, this is not about fuel so how can we call it ‘Dumsor’?”.

“We are working feverishly to resolve the challenges which have arisen as a result of technical difficulties with our transmission lines and it is our hope that the issue will be resolved by the end of the year”.