Reason why Patapaa is breaking up with his German wife, Liha revealed

Ghanaian musician, Patapaa and his German wife Liha Miller have been making headlines since yesterday after issues surrounding their marriage popped online.

Reports went viral yesterday that the marriage between the couple has hit the rocks.

After the news went viral, a lot of people reacted with a section asking for the cause of their sudden breakup.

Well, a man who had the opportunity to speak with Patapaa’s wife’s friend in Belgium called Ama Ghana who was the reason behind why the musician got married to Liha Miller revealed the cause of their alleged breakup.

Ama Ghana disclosed why the two have decided to break up.

According to Ama Ghana Patapaa has no ambition to follow his wife back to Germany , whiles his wife also doesn’t see herself staying in Ghana for the rest of her life, but prefers to be visiting Ghana on holidays instead.

Liha Miller is very popular in Belgium most of the Ghanaians in Belgium can testify to it , even Patapaa caught her attention in Belgium when he performed at Belgium party in the park .

She stated it very clear that Patapaa is not that Financially sound and the girl prefers that they go back to Europe and make their lives better rather than staying in Ghana whiles things are not going on well .

As things stands now Patapaa haven’t acquired any document from his wife, but his wife is willing to do so for him ,but Patapaa is refusing to comply and that’s making her fed up .