Reason why Abedi Pele is trending on social media

The Ayews of Ghana Blacks started making waves on social media following the early elimination of Ghana from the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Around 2:30pm on Friday, December 2, 2022, Jordan Ayew was a major hashtag on social media especially on the bird app. This was because the then Black Stars coach, Otto Addo had named him part of the 11-man starting squad against Uruguay and Ghanaians and football lovers took to social media to discuss why they think Jordan Ayew shouldn’t be included in the lineup under the hashtag ‘Jordan Ayew’.

Twenty-five minutes into the game and the trends had changed from #JordanAyew to #DedeAyew. This was also because, the Black Stars’ captain and second son of Ghanaian football legend, Abedi Pele failed to secure a penalty that was awarded Ghana.

Netizens simply could not understand why Dede Ayew would miss the chance to put Ghana ahead of Uruguay and serve the many aggrieved Ghanaians with the much sort after revenge against Uruguay.

Merely eight (8) hours after that, their father and ex-Black Stars player, Abedi Pele was in the trends on social media. In this particular trend, there was a division of thoughts.

The first group of people feel Ghanaians are ungrateful to Abedi Pele’s family and hope that the family would be appreciated in the nearest future.

Here are tweets from the supporters of the Abedi Pele family

The second group of people were wondering if Abedi Pele owned a major stake in the Ghana Black Stars or perhaps was the owner of the Black Stars because they simply could not understand why an Ayew had to play for the Black Stars irrespective of how poor they perform in a game.

Check out tweets from those who think the Ayews are unnecessarily favoured in the Black Stars