Reason Akumaa Mama Zimbi publicly snubbed Joyce Blessing revealed

A video that went viral captured renowned media personality, Akumaa Mama Zimbi snubbing gospel singer Joyce Blessing at a concert.

In the video, Joyce Blessing could be seen waving at Akumaa Mama Zimbi, the latter completely ignored her, leading to an awkward moment. The incident was so intense that a bystander was prompted to question Akumaa Mama Zimbi about it.

Despite the attention the incident received, Akumaa Mama Zimbi appeared unfazed and walked off without any explanation.

The incident has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many expressing their disappointment in Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s behavior towards Joyce Blessing, who is a renowned gospel musician in Ghana. Some have also called for an apology from Akumaa Mama Zimbi for her actions.

As social media users are waiting for the two celebrities to break silence on the video, report says both Akumaa Mama Zimbi and Joyce Blessing are former rivals. They allegedly dated one gym instructor called Little. But he was later shot to death for allegedly dating a married woman.