Real face of Kofi Adomah’s wife pops online

The true identity of the wife of broadcast journalist Kofi Adomah Nwanwani has finally been revealed.

A lot of Ghanaians have been wondering why the wife of Kofi Adomah never shared full-face photo on the internet despite posting photos of herself on social media.

Some critics argued that she was not beautiful and did not meet Kofi Adomah’s standards, which is why she insisted on hiding her face.

All of these ruthless and bitter naysayers must now bow their heads in shame because Mrs. Adomah is more than beautiful, contrary to their stinking opinion.

Well, a social media user who claims she knows Mrs. Miracle Adomah has shared photos of her. Mrs. Adomah is beautiful and has a natural figure 8.

Watch the video below;