Rawlings killed Highlife music in Ghana- Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

Ghanaian adept highlife singer, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has accused the late Jerry John Rawlings of killing highlife music in Ghana.

Ambolley explains that despite the desire and passion the late Rawlings has for the music genre, it is during his regime that highlife music falls apart.

The highlife legend who made these allegations on eTV, added that it was the late former president introduction of his famous two years of constant curfew which eventually led to the demise of highlife music.

Nonetheless, he redeemed himself from his assertion that he does not mean Rawlings killed highlife music intentionally but the conditions he introduced did.

“There was a curfew and this curfew was over two years constantly. The curfew was from 6pm to 6am so this meant that musicians couldn’t play their music to make ends meet”.

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He further revealed that because of this condition, most musicians fled to Europe, and other countries to make music and earn a living thus the time the curfew was lifted,  there were no musicians around.

“That was when the spinners had to come and replace the musicians so despite having that passion for music, to fulfill his aim of unifying the police, the military and the civilians because of security reasons, he had to let the curfew stay as long as over two years”, he further explained.