Rare video of the woman who is 399 years old

A video that has surfaced online captures an old woman who is said to be the world’s oldest person.

The woman is said to be 399 years old.

This has garnered a lot of reactions online with a section of social media users doubting a human can be such old.

Many people also believe the woman could be around 400 years. Due to her advanced age, she is unable to move or communicate.

Watch the video below;


In other news, a video sighted online by our outfit captures a yahoo boy throwing some shots at foreign client cover a small amount of money sent to him.

The sakliy could be speaking to the client via mobile phone and was blasting the person for sending $10 to him.

He was expecting a huge amount but unfortunately hi,s client disappointed him. He quizzed what he is supposed to do with the %10 dollars.

The response from the client infuriated him as he was heard using abusive words on the person.

Watch the video below;