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“Prostitution is a call from God, you can’t do it if He hasn’t called you” — Ghanaian s³x worker

A Ghanaian s³x worker, Rochelle Grace (Not her real name) has opened up on the illegal work she does for a living for a decade now.

According to her, she has worked as a pr0stitute for the past ten years and she has nothing to boast of.

Grace said her dream was to become a marketer, a lawyer, or a policewoman.

She ended up on the street as a prostitute because there was no support to attain her ambition.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, Grace disclosed that her friends introduced her to the illegal work and she has plied for ten years and still counting.

She asserted that men have tasted her honey pot for a decade and the only thing she can show off is her rented apartment which her landlord will eject her if it is due and she doesn’t have money to renew.

“Men have used me for ten years and I have nothing to show to the world. Nothing, the only thing I have is I’ve rented an apartment and if my rent is due and I don’t have money to renew, I will be kicked out. I have not achieved anything, this is my room, there is no bag here, nothing, there is nothing to show for all the hassle. When I was a child my dream was to be a Lawyer or a CID but I didn’t have the opportunity but these dreams did not materialize,” she cried.

Grace furthered that she would stop prostitution and find any legal work if she gets financial assistance.

“All my pride everything I have the street has taken it. My virginity, everything. The street has taken everything. If I have anything left, it’s left for God to decide but I don’t have anything left.”

Detailing how she managed to have s³x with these numerous men, Grace said it takes the grace of God.

“it is a calling and if God has not called you, you can’t do this work.”

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