Proposal goes wrong as man gets resounding ‘No’ from his girlfriend at a mall

A video of moment a lady rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal by giving him a resounding ‘no’ has gone viral.

As we all know, a lot of people go the extra mile to make their marriage proposals a memorable occasion to the extent that some propose to their loved ones in public or in front of their friends and colleagues to get a positive response from their partners.

The video below captured a young man on his knees expecting his girlfriend to accept him to be the father of her unborn children.

To his surprise and people present, the lady shouted NO and stormed out of the mall.

The man stood up looking much confused.

According to reports, the incident happened at a mall in Warri, Delta State.

Watch the video below;

In other news, media personality, MzGee has rained curses on a special Aide to the Vice President, Gideon Boakye.

She invoked the curses on him for accusing her of leaking a private conversation actor Psalm Adjeteyfio sent to her.

MzGee and actor TT have been making headlines for the past few days after audio of the actor begging for leftovers from the kitchen of MzGee went viral.

After the leaked audio, MzGee took to social media to disclose that she was not the person behind the leaked audio but it was sent directly to the office of the Vice President through his Aide.

The media personality subsequently accused Gideon Boako who is a special aide to the Vice President of leaking the audio for political gains.

But Gideon Boakye took to Facebook and debunked MzGee’s claims adding that he never with her personally or publicly for any project so does not know what she’s ranting about.

“Where from this needless rant from Mzgee. I don’t know you and have never dealt with you in my private or public life. It is your husband that I have a working relationship with because of the work I do. Your husband shares audio with me in which a voice similar to that of the famous TT is speaking to someone (known to be you).

Listening to the audio for the first time I struggled to understand what it was meant for. Your husband graciously explains the import of it to me in a telephone conversation to the effect that TT had alleged that he is being denied support because of the assistance from the Vice President and some other people including the greater Accra regional minister”.



After Gideon explained himself, MzGee came out with another attack.

“I know this won’t trend as the previous but I am grateful T.T believes me! Now, my final words on this TT saga! If Gideon Boako of the Veep’s office circulated that voice note sent to him in confidence, may my covenant with the altar of the Lord, speak! My God has and will never fail me…..” she wrote.