Prophet Owusu Bempah Carrying Toilet

A Ghanaian man presented his vision he saw in relation to an outspoken prophet, Owusu Bempah, who is recently trending on the social media for placing curses on his followers for criticizing him on a failed prophecy concerning the win of the United State of America election, as he prophesied the win of Donal Trump. 

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According to the given statement of Justice Kow Asamoah, he had a vision with the prophet carrying the toilet and as he was with the toilet on his head, singing a song. 

Infact I also had a vision which I saw in the vision OWUSU BEMPAH carrying toilet and singing” 

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This vision came after the media made a publication of the prophet’s  revelation concerning the presidential candidate for the NDC party for the upcoming December 2020 election. 

Owusu Bempah revealed that, he saw John Mahama carrying four coffins and some positions were written on them. 

“ I saw that an angel opened a curtain. I saw Mahama coming out of the pit and he was carrying four coffins. North, East, South and West were written on them and he positioned them respectively.

After I saw a large crowd approaching him so he opened the coffin and there was a nice object in it. When he opened it was filled with waste matter. In fact I was sad when I saw that.

In no time, Nana Addo appeared. I saw angels who looked like parrots giving him fruits and that signifies the Free SHS policy. With this prophecy, if I am lying God should kill me right away.

Again, I saw Nana Addo carrying four wells. If it weren’t a dream, I never knew wells could be carried. And he also placed them at East, North, South and West. And I saw a crowd mobbing him.

When he opened, I saw rainbow, it looked like honey mixed with water. I saw Nana Addo fetching it for them and everyone was happy and jubilating.

It means Nana Addo is not done with his term. You can challenge it but it is what God has told me. It is a one-touch victory in this election.”

Owusu Bempah

Prophet Owusu Bempah, is known to be responding to most news related to him, for such reasons,, will be awaiting his response to update it’s readers.