Prophet Nigel Gaisie takes legal action against Nana Romeo and Stacy Amoateng over sɛx allegation

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, founder and General overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel has taken legal action against radio presenter Nana Romeo and host of the ‘Restoration’ show, Stacy Amoateng for defaming him.

Nana Romeo, also known as Karim Abdul appearing on the ‘Restoration” show hosted by Stacy Amoateng made some wild allegations against Prophet Nigel Nigel. The Accra Fm presenter accused the self-acclaimed man of God of snatching and slɛɛping with her girlfriend.

The accusation followed after Stacy Amoateng asked Nana Romeo what one shocking thing he has experienced since he rise to fame.

“What has shocked me the most is when Pator Nigel Gaisie slept with my girlfriend. That issue trended a lot,” he said.

“This is what happened, I didn’t know Nigel then, and when Ebony died, I called Nigel because I had seen a video of his prophecy about the incident. So I called him for an interview on the matter. He wasn’t popular but the interview shot him to fame so we became friends. I would go to his church, if he wanted musicians, I will book them for him so we became good friends, he narrated in the Twi language.

“One holiday, I decided to go out with my girlfriend who was rich and was good to me because I had nothing at the time; She bought a car for me, rented an apartment for me and I told him (Nigel) about all the good things the lady had done for me. I don’t know if that was what enticed him.

“The lady and I were about to go to the beach to enjoy the holiday when Nigel called me on the phone that he needed me to check out something for him so I should come over. So I went over to Nigel’s place with my girlfriend. He came downstairs and started a conversation with my girlfriend. But the lady thought oh, that’s my boyfriends friend so no harm. Later, he started texting the lady, going out on lunch dates. So, his junior pastors were shocked and surprised at his actions and they called me and told me about it.

“One day, I went to his house. He lived at East Legon at the time. When I was on my way there, I was very angry and could have done something to hurt him if I had access to him. When I got there, the security didn’t grant me access; he called the security personnel to tell me he was not around.

“After I left, Nigel called me to apologise about the act and claimed he didn’t know what came over him. The thought of this brings me so much pain. I lost trust in him. Nana Romeo narrated.

However, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has claimed that the allegations leveled against him by Nana Romeo are false. To prove that he never slept with the girlfriend of Romeo, the gospel preacher has filed a lawsuit against both the guest and host of ‘Restoration’ show at the High Court of Justice, Amasaman.

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