Prophet Nigel Gaisie reacts to video of man assaulting an evangelist for preaching against idol worship

Founder and General Overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie has reacted to the viral video of a young man beating an evangelist for preaching against idol worship on the street.

The video that went viral captures the young evangelist and his assistant preaching the word of God on the street.

He was heard condemning the idol worshiping and urging everyone who bows before idols to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In the course of the preaching, a young man approaches him and asked why he keeps preaching against idol worship.

He started slapping the self-acclaimed man of God while he stood aloof looking at him.

The man could be heard questioning him when he grew up to realize that idol worshiping was bad.

Here is what Prophet Nigel had to say;


Can You Help Me LOCATE THIS GREAT HERO OF THE GOSPEL OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND GHANA POLICE ARREST THIS GUY*!!! Sad,for the guy who slapped the young preacher, I commit him to God and time but,need I blame him ,NOPE!I blame most of the Christian fathers and elders, they don’t protect the young ones, they don’t help the young ones, even if you try reach out to some of them, respectfully some of them behave as tho they are above God but hey, God came for the sinners not the righteous,so if indeed you are a man of God, you must be there for anybody who is also doing the work, you might not like certain things about the person but hey, look at the cross and help him be better because most of you were even more decrepit at your young age and which young man does not make a mistake?People get better by time….THIS MINISTRY IS HELP YOURSELF OR DIE ALONE …NOBODY CARES ABOUT ANYONE ESPECIALLY IF YOU Don’t HAVE A FAT ENVELOPE OR YOUR PARENTS AS IT WERE DOES NOT HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM,PAY INTO THEIR ACCOUNT FAT MONEY…..JESUS sits in heavens and LAUGHS AT OUR HYPOCRISY AND I AM PROTECTING MY INTEGRITY TRAITS, IF JESUS PROTECTED HIS INTEGRITY AND BELLY LIKEWISE MOST OF US ARE DOING NOW, CHRISTIANITY OR THE GOSPEL WOULD HAVE DIED BEFORE OUR TIME KRAA.Ghana and double standards,can you imagine if the opposite is the case.Its time Christians defense their own,regardless,its time we stop the denominational posture and have the true posture of Christ..I sometimes look at some men of God and laugh,heaven will be full of surprises.
*Tema Branch…Friday Morning.