Prophet Jeremiah Of All Believers Chapel Kills Betty

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Africa is known to have a higher number of prophets as most of the people believe that Jesus Christ was unable to complete his miracles due to the time of his death. As a result, many call themselves to be prophets of God performing countless miracles. 

Challenging the miracles performed by the prophets, some fetish priest also came out to announce he is behind most of the powers of more than 1,700 prophets in African proclaims of having God’s power, emphasizing that their miracles are not of God but of Satan. 

Due to many believing the miracles to be of God, they have channeled their health issues to pastors instead of consulting health specialists. As a result, many are dying as result. 

Prophet Jeremiah Ayiam of All Believers Chapel is said to have given a woman wine resulting in the woman losing her life. 

According to a report, a woman given her name to be Betty said to be incapable of producing offspring mentions her problem to a friend in which the friend told her of Prophet Jeremiah. Believing the prophet to perform his miracle so that Betty will be able to conceive. Betty agreed with her friend so she attended to Prophet Jeremiah for a miracle.

Upon arrival, through consultation,  the prophet told Betty some untold stories from her family in which Betty confirmed to be true as she said there is a god in her family in which the god demands some blood. 

After the untold story in which Betty agreed, the prophet gave Betty some spiritual directions in which Betty followed through with it resulting in her being able to get pregnant. 

With Betty pregnant, the prophet asked some members of his church to call for Betty as she had a vision of Betty’s the devil is plotting to kill her. As the people eared with the prophet and called Betty, Betty attended and the prophet is said to have given Betty a communion wine to drink.  

Ending up with the story, Betty started to feel uncomfortable in which she was taken to the hospital. She was then pronounced dead. 

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