Prophet Badu Kobi Expose For Marrying A Second Wife

Founder and General overseer of Glorious Waves Church International, Emmanuel Badu Kobi who is known to be married to Gloria Badu Kobi is exposed by marrying a second wife. 

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Badu Kobi responding to a failed prophecy giving reasons why most of his prophecies fail stated that due to his spirituality as he is of the spirit world talking in the spirit as a result for those that attend his church is of the spirit, understand his prophecies. 

For such reasons, all prophecies given to the public by him on social media fail for those prophecies are not of this world. 

“ Let me tell you why when people on earth talk about me I will not..They are talking about 100% flesh. They can’t talk about 100%…. Because they don’t understand and as long as you are here, those who are flash must talk about you at all cost…..” 

A social media commentator on ekuonaba TV on youtube made a revelation that the pastor has two wives and challenges him to come out to disprove him. 

Adding up to the story, he stated that, Badu Kobi is currently staying with the second wife as the first wife is staying at the mission house.

Badu Kobi son, Daniel Kenneth Badu Kobi born on April 10, 1998, dies at the age of 19 years of a short illness which some of his followers and pastors accused him on social media of using his son for a sacrifice as a result of an occult group in which he is a member of to gain a reward to upgrade himself in spiritual powers. 

As this second wife of the pastor issue is trending on social media, will be following the news to update readers. 

Below is the video: