Presenter Insults Keche Andrew’s Wife For Saying She Earns $700m Yearly

Ghanaian journalist Kwame Gyan has lashed out heavily at Joana Gyan who is the wife of Keche Andrew and also the CEO of Golden Legacy Empire Limited.

Yesterday, social media users forgot about the deadly coronavirus and started a conversation after Joana claimed in an interview that she makes more than $700 million every year.

Some netizens disclosed that she was telling lies and she just made that statement to trend because there is no way she can be making such huge money in a year.

Some people on the other hand felt it was a slip of tongue and that maybe she wanted to say $700,000 but if she still insists its $700 miliion then she should provide proof.

Well, blogger, journalist and communication practitioner, Kwame Gyan who also couldn’t come in terms with Joana’s statement has described her as a villager and a foolish woman over her claims.

Taking to his social media page, he posted: “Villager. Do you know what $700M is? In fact, do you know what $70K mpo is? Siasem.”