Politicians are very wicked people; They don’t care, A Plus has said.

This comes after the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery announced that government plans to move the number of police officers deployed to protect Members of Parliament (MPs) to a minimum of 800.

He added that the retooling of the security services allows for more officers to be deployed to protect legislators.Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for coronavirus

The government’s intention followed after the Minister earlier announced that 200 police officers will begin their guard duties with immediate effect and will be protect ing the MPs till the end of the year.

A plus while speaking on Class FM Wednesday, 14 October 2020 argued that if the politicians ensured the safety of everybody in Ghana, they would not need to demand bodyguards.

He added, “Who wants to kill the king of Dubai? The king of Dubai drives himself around town; who wants to kill him? If he attempts to commit suicide, the people won’t allow him to die because he has taken good care of them; because he has built a country for them, the people love him, the people want him to live long, they pray for him.”

He asked, “Who is praying for any Ghanaian politician? You were in this country when parliamentarians took double salary. Were they charged?

A Plus continued to say, “They were not but the Deputy Speaker of Parliament proposed that when people engage in galamsey, they should be shot on sight. Do you think people are not watching? The people are angry. And good people, good politicians, must start speaking against things like this: that; ‘listen, let’s make this country better for everybody.”

He warned that, “When the people rise up, it won’t be NDC against NPP, it will be the people against the politicians and the ear that does not listen will follow the head when it is chopped off.

He however advised politician. “So, the good politicians in this country who care about the people must not be like the ear that will be chopped off with the head.”