Police wake up thief who fell asleep while robbing

Police wake up thief who fell asleep

Police wake up thief who fell asleep while robbing a home in Thailand.

In a hilarious incident, a burglar who had broken into a house to steal valuables became tired and fell asleep.

Sakda Jeamprasert was woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of the air conditioning coming from his daughter’s room.

According to sources, the burglar had broken into the house of one Jiam Prasert, police sword officer of Wichian Buri District police station in Phetchabun Province at around 2am in the morning when the officer was asleep.

As per a video obtained by Thai newspaper Kom Chad Luek, the police officer is heard shouting at the man, waking him up out of his sleep. The man props his head up, looking around in confusion, as the reality of what has happened sinks in.

Police wake up thief who fell asleep

The suspect,Athit Kin Khunthud, allegedly had made his way into the home with the intention to commit burglary but grew tired.

He had turned on the air conditioning and planned to have a short nap, but ended up sleeping for much longer.

Though he didn’t steal anything, Thud was still charged with breaking and entering the property.

According to Thai news site, The Nation, the burglar told police that he had been prowling the neighbourhood for quite some time looking for a suitable target and had become very tired.