Police react to video of Lebanese guy threatening to cut off the head of a Ghanaian man

The Ghana Police Service has reacted to the viral video of a Lebanese man who pulled out a sword and threatened to cut off the head of a Ghanaian man at Osu.


According to reports, the Lebanese man parked his car in front of the shop of a man at Osu for almost an hour. When the shop owner finally told him to park his car well so that he can also do his business, the Lebanese started abusing him verbally and telling him he will kill him.

He then came out with a sword and the shop owner had to run into another shop for cover.

The Lebanese guy pointed the sword at his throat signifying that he will have cut the head of the Ghanaian man if he had come out of his shop. Some Ghanaians after coming across this said that the Ghana Police Service should act quickly on this video and arrest this Lebanese man. They argued that no Ghanaian can go to Lebanon and threatened anyone like this man is doing in the video.

Well, the Ghana Police Service’s attention has been drawn to the video and according to them, they’re working on it.