Police Officer slams judge who ordered arrests for citizens not wearing face masks in  Houston, Texas.

The officer happened to be the Joe Gamaldi, Houston Police Officers’ Union president.

He said while addressing an order passed to fine citizens $1,000 if caught not wearing a face mask in public for the next 30 days starting next week.

10 years old and older are required to wear a covering, starting Monday, April 27.

The only exemptions from the order will be when exercising, eating, drinking, if you’re alone in a separate place or at your home.

Joe Gamaldi said on fox;

“We encourage all of our officers to wear a mask. We want citizens to wear masks. We draw the line in this draconian measure that our county judge wants to impose on all of our law-abiding, hardworking citizens of our community,”

“You know, the funny thing about this order is it’s supposed to be for the public health and it is imperative that we do it right now. But yet the order doesn’t start for another four or five days. So if it’s so important, why aren’t we starting it now? Why are we waiting until Monday to start this order? It’s a complete joke and it’s an overreach by this county judge,”

We don’t know if the order wasn’t known by the police the parties involved before being signed.

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