Police officer disgraces Dampare

Police officer disgraces Dampare as he is caught with Narcotics substances at Achimota.

When a young police officer was arrested with narcotic substances while in full police gear at the Achimota Old station, a suburb of Accra, he was left to his fate.

The unidentified young officer, who appears fragile in the video below, is seen confessing the crime and pleading for forgiveness as a swarm of irate students gather to question him.

This event occurred the day before yesterday, and it was clear from the video that the police officer was not even stable.

He had allegedly consumed substances that made him appear fatigued and feeble.

This comes just two days after the Inspector-General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare declared his intention to transform the Ghana Police Service from an infamous institution to one deserving of respect.

According to him, he understands that almost every Ghanaian from all walks of life has had at least one unpleasant encounter with the Police Service, a situation he describes as rather unfortunate.

He explained that he has made it a goal to transform the Police Service. He thus urged the citizenry to forgive and forget the past ills of the Service and join him as he charts a new path forward.

Have a look at the video below.

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