The popular footballer also a sports commentator is arrested for investigation by Sunyani police in Ghana for allegedly killing a 13-year-old relative which is said to have kept it in his room. 

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In a piece of the given information by the media, it is said Richard Gyemfi also known in Ghana as fire is said to have allegedly murdered Louis Agyemang Junior at Sunyani and is placed under police custody for investigation. A visit by Ghana News Agency stated that residence in the area was in shock and discussing the occurred incident. 

Following up with the incident, the information stated, the deceased is said to have left the house on Friday 20th August 2021 and did not return home. As they were in search of the deceased, a member of the family informed the parents of seeing Richard with Louis. The family asks Richard of Louis where about but he refuses of seeing him. 

The family became suspicious and gathered a group of people to go in search of Louis which they visited the suspect’s new location at Abasim. The mother of the deceased requested them to search the suspect’s room in which the suspect became offended and started to argue with Louis’s mother. 

As a result, followers of the family helping to search for Louis return to the suspect’s house and noticed one of his rooms was locked in which they asked him to open it but stated the kay to that certain room has gone missing. Leading them to use force to break into the room to see Louis’s body in a pool of blood. 

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Updating on the information, was informed that, police have discovered three human heads in the fridge of the footballer. 

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