Pictures of Jackie Appiah’s first house surfaces

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has been making headlines for the past few weeks after photo and of her beautiful mansion popped online.

After the photos of her plush mansion surfaced online, a lot of Ghanaians reacted with a section questioning the source of her wealth.

Well, photos of the first house of the actress have also popped online.

Sharing photos of her house, IG ghost blogger, Cutie Julls revealed how the actress was mocked and ridiculed for staying with her mum.

According to Cutie Julls, when Jackie built her first house, she lived in it for one year and later moved back to her mother’s house and started renting out her first house.

The rents which she made from the property went into acquiring other properties which she paid in instalments.

Her decision to live with her mother was made a subject of mockery by her colleagues who laughed at her for living with her mother despite her status.

However, she was able to rise above it and used the rent from her first house to build her empire.

Pictures of Jackie Appiah's first house surfaces