Photo of the footballer who d!ed

Photos of the footballer who d!ed the day he was to join a bigger European team some two days ago in Nigeria.

It was learned that the 21-year-old Nigerian footballer indigene of Anambra State was selected to travel to a country in Eastern Europe, where he was to be signed on, to start his professional football career.

Kelechi Okafor was expected to travel from Lagos to Azerbaijan where his club has sold him.

“The incident happened on the very day Kelechi and three others were supposed to travel to Europe. We had gone for training that day.

He went for an aerial battle. On his way down, he lost balance and hit his head on the ground. Immediately, the coaches administered first aid on him, trying to revive him.

When it didn’t yield any result, they rushed him to the hospital. But he died on the way.” – His teammate said to the Vanguard newspaper

“Unfortunately, Kelechi died on the same day he was supposed to travel, his flight ticket had been purchased, the flight was scheduled for 8:45 pm and he died before noon. Kelechi is the last born in our family. Our parents are alive and they are devastated by the news”, the deceased brother said via a radio interview.

Have a look the photos of the deceased below.

Photo of the footballer who d!ed
Photo of the footballer who d!ed

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