Photo of police officer who k!lled Maa Adwoa drops

The identity and photo of the police officer who gruesomely mur.dered his girlfriend at Adum, Kumasi have been revealed.

The policeman, identified as Mr. Darko shot his girlfriend Maa Adwoa to de@th a couple of days ago over accusations of infidelity. Mr. Darko accused the late girlfriend of cheating on him with another man and imposed restrictions on her movements and communications.

In response, the woman asked for a breakup, but her jealous boyfriend refused and threatened dire consequences if she ended the relationship.

Despite the warning, the woman broke up with him. However, this further infuriated the boyfriend, who tracked her down and fatally shot her.

After the unfortunate incident, it was revealed that Ghana police has launched a manhunt to arrest the k!ller.

However, a photo alleged to be Mr. Darko has been going viral on social media with a voice of him confessing to k!lling Maa Adwoa.

Watch the video below;

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