A yet-to-be-identified woman of God has made a shocking statement about the wearing of waist belts.

In a video sighted online, the prophetess claimed that people who wear waist belts will not see the kingdom of God.

According to him, the wearing of waist belts will take people to hell fire and they will not meet or see the face of God because they have already secured their place in hell.


“People who wear waist belts on them will go to hellfire. Those putting belts will not see the face of God. People say am a liar, you say all kinds of things about me and am not bothered,” she said.

Watch the video below;

In other news, a video sighted online shows the moment residents try to k!ll a huge snake found in their area.

From the video footage, the poisonous snake emerged from the grass as a gardener was spraying a yard of a building.

The sudden appearance of the big snake shocked the people around including a police officer.

The police and other residents decided to k!ll the snake by throwing stones at it while a young man pulled out a gun and started shooting at the reptile.

With the help of the sprayer who opened his spray on the snake, they were able to hit it with a stick till it became weaker.

Watch the video below;