People seen leaving night club after DJ played a gospel song

A video circulating on social media sees moment customers at night club started leaving after the DJ played a gospel song.

Secular songs are always expected to be played at a night club and it becomes unusual when a DJ at a club decides to switch from secular songs to gospel songs.

In the video below, the DJ’s change of song didn’t go down well with the nightclub patrons as they were seen leaving the club after the DJ played the gospel song.

Watch the video below



In other news, a 16-year-old girl is currently in the grips of Ugandan police for stealing a three-day-old baby from a district hospital.

According to reports, the suspect (name withheld) is a resident of Nyabyeya village in Masindi district, Uganda.

The suspect disguised herself as an attendant at the maternal ward in Masinda General Hospital before convincing the mother of the baby identified as Sarah Nanjina (25) to help carry her baby as she recovers.

The suspect later disappeared with the baby prompting Nanjinga to report the case to Masindi Central Police station.

Dr. Felix Twinomugisha, the Medical Superintendent at Masindi General hospital says the supervisors at the ward were not aware that the suspect who had reportedly spent four days in the ward was posing as an attendant.

The suspect was subsequently arrested by the police from her hideout in Nyabyeya village with the stolen baby.

“She is currently being held at the police station whereas investigations proceed to find out how the baby was stolen from Masindi hospital,” Albertine region police spokesperson, Hakiza said.