People Criticizing Rev.Obofour Are Sharing Their Opinion – Auntie B

People Criticizing Rev.Obofour Are Sharing Their Opinion - Auntie B

Ghanaian actress, Harriet Naa Akleh Okantey known in the entertainment industry as Auntie B, who revealed she dated the late actor, Bob Santo for six years before the actor passed away and is mostly on social media as a front line defender of Rev. Obofour is out again to hold her title. 

The actress in an interview with One Ghana Tv, during the funeral of the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko, was asked her feelings towards the public critics of Rev. Obofour. 

Expanding her response to the question, she explained that, when the public started to give critics of Obofour, she was seriously concerned and hurt for the pastor is a good person assisting many through charities but as time went on, she put herself together and came to understand, God is the ultimate judge plus those people criticizing the pastor are sharing their opinion.

 “ We should also remember that, those that are saying some are just sharing their opinion. We that are close know how it is going… Now one is responding to critics for we don’t respect those that are criticizing …” 

When she was questioned about Nana Hoahi’s case, she said Hoahi is a vlogger so his case should be left to the law.