Patapaa’s ex-girlfriend, Queen Peezy has finally reacted to a trending video of Akuapem Poloo passionately k!ssing Bukom Banku.

Recall that a video went viral where Queen Preezy and the professional boxer were spotted locking lips in public and even added that they’ll soon tie the knot.

A day ago, social media influencer Rosemond Brown widely known as Akuapem Poloo and Bukom Banku were captured in a new video passionately k!ss!ng each other.

Enjoying the cuddling his lips was receiving, Bukom Banku claimed that the controversial Akuapem Poloo was his ex-girlfriend before at the time that she came into the limelight. He urged that they are back together and are ready to make things work between them again.


Akuapem Poloo who recently got married according to her Instagram posts also called Bukom Banku her husband and added that they would be getting married this year 2021.

The two fastened their love words with a kiss causing those around them to shout and clap in admiration.

However, ‘heartbroken’ Queen Peezy has chanced upon the video and has threatened to beat the hell out of Akuapem Poloo for snatching her husband Bukom Banku.

According to her, Patapaa’s newly wedded wife, Liha Miller snatched the musician who many Ghanaians claim he’s not handsome from her so there’s no way she’s going to allow Poloo to take away Bukom Banku from her.

Watch the video below;