Patapaa is disgracing his wife; he should stop that — Zionfelix

Ghanaian musician, Justice Amoah widely known as Patapaa and his German wife Liha Miller have been trending on social media as a result of rumors regarding their failing marriage.

The rumors gained traction after Patapaa agreed to an interview with Kastel FM to clear the air and declare that he and Liha Miller are still legally married.

Following the clarification, the whole situation changed when prominent blogger Zionfelix released an album of images and videos of himself with Liha Miller before their interview.

Patapaa’s inner lion awoke as a result of these photographs, and he rushed to the internet to accuse the blogger of ruining his marriage.

Patapaa shouted a barrage of invective at Zionfelix, as well as threatened to deal with him.

Following Patapaa’s attacks on Zionfelix, the Youtuber responded by dismissing the singer’s accusations that he is the one who is ruining his marriage.

According to Zion, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker must stop accusing him because he’s only disgracing his wife not him.

Zion debunked all the allegations leveled against him by Patapaa.

Watch the video below;