Wife of the pastor who was murdered in cold blood has recounted how the incident happened.

The 44-year-old pastor of Jehovah Nissi Church at Ejisu was killed by two robbers at his residence at Santansi Anyinam new site on Wednesday dawn.

The wife, speaking in an interview with Adom News said that the husband who first realized the presence of the robbers raised an alarm. The robbers who were masked and believed to be within 15 years entered their room requesting for money she had no idea about.

“I heard one give instructions for someone to be shot outside after which they barged in our room to search the hall and bedroom for money.

“I managed to escape with one child leaving my two-week-old baby behind hoping to seek refuge with other tenants but to no avail and had to hide in a nearby plantain farm,” she recounted.

When she returned the next early morning to check on her baby, the husband has been murdered in cold blood.