Pastors wanted to ch0p me despite my HIV status — Woman confesses

An HIV-positive woman has shockingly revealed how some Ghanaian pastors she visited for healing tried to take advantage of her.

Speaking in an interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM, the yet-to-be-identified woman said she visited several churches to seek healing but unfortunately, all the men of God wanted to have a taste of her honey pot which she denied.

She recounted how two pastors living in the same apartment decided to have s³xual affair with her after inviting her for prayers to cure the sickness.

After all the prayers and directions from these ‘fake’ pastors failed, she went to a fetish priest who claim he has a cure for her HIV infection.

She was asked to make sacrifices, sleep at the cemetery for days and also drink the blood of some reptiles. The fetish priest also ended proposing love to her after he failed to cure her sickness.

Watch the video below;