Pastor murders wife

Pastor murders wife after she infected him with HIV and also committed suicide after the gruesome act.

In a suicidal letter obtained by local media, Pastor George Abisa claimed that his wife had infected him with HIV/AIDS as a result of her affair with a local politician currently campaigning for the Bogichora MCA seat.

The incident happened at Nyamira County, Kenya.

According to reports, the couple had a heated argument about the matter on Tuesday evening, October 5, after rumors of the wife’s alleged secret affair with the politician surfaced.

Pastor murders wife

He became enraged and grabbed a knife, stabbing her several times until she died.

“He questioned her over the rumors that were going around about the alleged affair with the politician before stabbing her with a kitchen knife,” Hellen Moraa a local stated.

Soon after murdering his wife, he wrote a depressing suicide note in which he claimed she was cheating on him. He claimed that she had even infected him with HIV, which he was unable to tolerate.

He then committed suicide by hanging himself in their home. Concerned neighbors called police officers in the morning to check on the couple.

Have a look at the notes below.

Pastor murders wife
Pastor murders wife

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