Pastor Love Paid 4 Men To Rape Obaapa Christy For a Divorce – Prophet Manasseh

Pastor Love Paid 4 Men To Rape Obaapa Christy For a Divorce says Prophet Manasseh.

Prophet Manasseh made these allegations while speaking on Net2tv’s the hot seat last night.

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Obaapa Christy who is currently divorced from pastor love said.

When their marriage hit the rocks a few years ago, his ex-wife told journalists that Pastor Love was promiscuous to a point that he even raped her sister and their child who was then a teenager.

Well, new information by Prophet Manasseh suggests Pastor Love contracted four men to go to his house and rape his wife so he could use that as a basis to divorce her.

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Prophet Manasseh added to was a ploy to help get married to an Italian woman who is very rich.

It was reported in 2007 that Armed Robbers Attacked Christiana Love.

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During the attack, the robbers locked up the two instrumentalists and the maidservant in a room at gunpoint and followed Christiana Love to her bedroom demanding twenty million cedis or they kill her.