Our son is a liar – ‘Mad’ TikTok couple refute son’s allegations against them

Pastor turned ‘Rasta’, Godpapa The Greatest and his wife Empress Lupita have reacted to some wild allegations leveled against them by their 8-year-old son, El Shaa.

El Shaa speaking in an interview with Kofi TV alleged that his parents sometimes ease themselves in a bowl and later blend it to prepare a soup called ‘Evil Soup’.

He went on to say that his father threatened to cut off his head after poisoning and burying his elder brother alive.

The traumatized additionally disclosed that his parents planned to starve him to death.

Reacting to this, Godpapa and Empress Lupita have shared a self-made video of themselves on the internet rubbishing their son’s heavy allegations against them.

According to the couple who have now become internet sensations, their son is a thief and a terrible liar.

Watch the video below;


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