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Our opponents don’t read, ‘they just say you are lying’ — Bawumia

Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia has urged opponents of government to ask for clarification on projects carried out and halt accusing the ruling government.

Dr. Bawumia addressing chiefs on Monday, September 26 at the commissioning of the Cape Coast roads said despite their failure to seek information on issues, they only resort to accusing those in government of lying.

“Today, marks yet another day of the commissioning of yet another Sinohydro project fiili fiili (sic). Unfortunately for some of our opponents, when we say something and they don’t understand, instead of asking for an explanation and also reading about it, they don’t like to read, they don’t ask for explanation, they just say you are lying.”

He continued: “But today as we commission the project, they are silent, they are no longer saying it is not possible.”

He disclosed that a total of 441 km of road and two interchanges are to be constructed, to “help intra urban, regional and national traffic flow and to strengthen regional economic integration.”

Bawumia cut the sod for the project on 21st November 2019, work started in December 2019 over 30 months duration and had been completed on schedule.

The Minister of Roads spoke about government’s plan to continually increase the road network and ease movement of goods and persons.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, for his part, stressed that such projects continue to deepen the warm ties between the two countries.

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