Ghanaian musician Eugene Nii Amon Ashie professionally known as Wisa Greid has f!red some shots at social media critic, Twene Jonas for disrespecting public figures.

The Ghanaian US-based social media commentator is currently the man of the moment gaining all attention through his controversial blasting of politicians and everyone holding any form of leadership position in the country.

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However, the method he adopted in making his concerns known is what really became a major topic all together to discuss with some in support of his aggressive words while others also are of the view his words are too harsh to be said to elders, branding them as insults.

One of such persons is Wisa Greid who believes Jonas’ method of addressing issues is disrespectful adding that “only f00lish people” listen to him.

“I just go tell am make he respect himself because already e no dey respect elders. People he dey talk sh*t about all he no dey respect them so I won’t talk say make he respect them,” an irritated Greid said to Pulse Ghana in a new interview.

“Make he respect he himself because if he dey respect himself that go make I go respect am wey I go listen to hin advise he dey give but if you yourself you no dey respect who go follow what you go talk. Ibi only foolish people wey they dey enjoy what he dey do.”

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