The production and distribution of reporting events based on facts with supportive gathered information as proof of evidence to published on the internet, radio, newsletters, television, including prints in which are all group under journalism. 

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Journalism comes in different forms such as breaking news which tells about current events. Feature stories are detailed looks at news that something interesting that is not breaking news. Enterprise or investigative stories are uncovering information that few people know. 

False publication in Ghana is causing both the criminal investigation team and political leaders to be not credible as most media houses in Ghana are using false publications to fight against to make the government of Ghana unpopular in favor of the opposition party. 

Resulting most criminal stories that are to be followed up by the investigation team to give feedback to citizens are seen as a useless base on the fact that most media houses conclude with false publications to the media before police give out credible results with supportive evidence. 

Omanhene Kwabena Asante, the host of Adom TV Badwam in addressing the death of Ibrahim Mohammed also known as Macho Kaaka, who was reported dead on Monday, June 28, 2021, stated that media houses are to be mindful of the information that they give out to the public. 

 He also warns them to stop jumping to conclusions about the information they give for most media houses give false information without investigation. “ let us demonstrate professionalism…” Omanhene. 

Below is the video: