Oliver Barker-Vormawor could get life imprisonment — Martin Kpebu

Private legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu has said the #fixthecountry convenor could be facing life imprisonment if the court found him guilty of the charge against him.

Mr. Kpedu added that the treason felony charge leveled against Barker Vormawor is considered a first-degree felony.

“The police are oppressing us, we will not take this oppression from them; we all live under this single Constitution, they must play by the rules…

“[Treason felony] goes for a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. You take it from fine, one year, two years up to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, that’s how come this is a very serious [case],” Martin Kpebu said on Joy News’ ‘PM Express’ on Monday.

He said, the Police sending the #FixTheCountry convener to a District Court was wrong and there it will take his lawyers at least one week for them to file all the necessary applications to get him [Oliver Barker-Vormawor] a bail.

“The police have really really prejudiced this thing and it’s just not good and so, we must say it with all the force we can muster. If you see a dog and you call it a wolf, very soon, nobody will take you serious,” he said.

Mr. Barker Vormawor was arrested and appeared before the court on Monday, February 14, 2022 for threatening to stage a coup if the Electronic transaction levy is passed.

He was charged with treason felony and remanded into police custody.