Oliver Barkar-Vormawor is a mad man — Paul Adom Otchere

Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Paul Adom-Vormawor has launched an attack on #FixTheCountry convenor Oliver Barker-Vormawor following his request to lead an armed demonstration on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Paul Adom Otchere described Oliver Barker as a mentally unstable man.

According to him, Oliver is suffering from a disorder called ”megalomania” and needs to needs to see a psychiatrist.

The “Good Evening Ghana” TV show host said this while reacting and analysing the content of a letter Oliver wrote to the police to allow them embark on armed demonstration.

“This young man [referring to Barker-Vormawor] writes to the Police that he wants to have a demonstration and he says he wants to arm the demonstrators, that kind of talk; insane talk like that; and the next minute, he is on social media begging, what is he begging for, are you sick?

“They are so childish and infantile, they think this nation building is some child’s play, some foolishness, so, they just come back from London and they have megalomania, their shoulders are higher than their head…we all can’t be either NPP or NDC but we must agree on certain fundamental principles that we don’t want such foolishness in our society, this is foolishness,” Paul Adom-Otchere said.

Speaking on June 4 as the chosen date for the demonstrators, the Board Chair of Ghana Airport Company Limited said, “the choice of June 4 is banished in our history, that nobody wants to remember; but when you have opportunists who are insane, that’s the date they choose. An opportunist who is insane is the one who chooses June 4 to try and show something…”

Explaining some pointers addressed in the police statement, Adom-Otchere stated: “Does the Public Order Act say anywhere that you can have private security to protect you when you are doing a demonstration? You must be insane; you must have megalomania to write to the police and say you will use private security.

“Foolish boy! You write to the police and say that the demonstrators have to contract private security personnel and they will be armed, where are you going to get the arms from? In Ghana, we don’t have the rules in America that you can just buy ammunition and he thought that he was just joking; you see they are so petty. And he wrote to Captain Smart that he wants to make the letter more scary, who was he scaring? And now he comes and he is apologizing; what are you apologizing for?

“Young people always have something to offer so, we love him [Barker-Vormawor] but not young people who have megalomania and who are mad, we can’t deal with people like that.”