Okyeame Kwame reveals how Lord Kenya & his “gang” tied him to a bed

On April 26, 2020, Okyeame Kwame, the renowned Ghanaian rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, took to social media to share a throwback memory of his high school days at Kumasi Anglican Secondary School (KASS).

In the post, Okyeame Kwame recounted how his former rap colleague, Lord Kenya, and his group tied him to his bed one Saturday night, just when they were supposed to have a rap competition at their school.

According to Okyeame Kwame, Lord Kenya tied him to his bed to prevent him from performing at the entertainment event so that he [Lord Kenya] would be the only rapper to perform and subsequently claim the glory.

As Okyeame Kwame narrated, “This pic was taken in 1992. I was at KASS form 5. It was a Saturday entertainment night. I remember before this performance, Lord Kenya and his boys had tied me to my bed so that he will be the only dope rapper for the night.”

Okyeame Kwame went on to add that the incident occurred 28 years ago. However, Lord Kenya’s plan to prevent him from performing at the competition was foiled when Okyeame Kwame’s friends freed him after Lord Kenya and his team left to perform at the dining hall.

“Kenya and his boys were tall, strong, and wild. My boys and I were short and afraid. We waited for them to leave my dorm then they untied me, and I rushed to the D hall. When I grabbed the mic, I started my rap, which was written by my rap teacher called @PowerfullaudMarcus,” Okyeame Kwame wrote in his social media post. He added that the rap was about substance abuse and safe sex, and it was well received by the audience, as the whole school went like “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.”

This incident that Okyeame Kwame shared with his fans and followers gives a glimpse into the rap industry’s competition and rivalry, even among high school students. It also shows how Okyeame Kwame’s talent and determination to perform despite the obstacles helped him gain the recognition that he deserved, which ultimately propelled him to greater heights in his career.

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