Okomfo Kolege cursɛs persons blaming him for the dɛ@th of his wife and child

Collins Oteng, popularly known as Okomfo Kolege has broken silence on reports that he caused the sudden demise of his late wife and unborn child.

The Kumawood actor’s wife, Millicent Oteng was pronounced dɛad on Saturday, November 17, 2022 during childbirth.

After her untimely demise, a lot of Ghanaians reacted with a section sending their condolences to Kolege and the bereaved family. Many also blamed the renowned actor for causing the dɛath of his wife. They believed that the role Kolege plays in various Kumawood movies as a fetish priest (Digital Komfo) is the cause of Millicent’s death.

They claimed that the gods got irate and k!lled his wife and unborn child.

Addressing the claims in an interview, Kolege said those criticizing him for the dɛath of his wife want to trend with his name but it won’t work. He subtly rained curses on them.

Checkout the video below;