Oheneba Ntim-Barimah sends hot reply to Kofi Adoma (Watch)

The ongoing brouhaha between Oheneba Ntim Berimah and broadcaster Kofi Adoma Nwanwani is getting hotter and hotter as Oheneba sends another reply to the popular news anchor over the blind historian’s issue.

The fracas between the two journalists started when the Natural Health Campaigner, Oheneba Ntim-Barimah accused Kofi for being the reason why the blind historian, Malik Duodu well known as Borgaria has abandoned him after taking care of him for several years.

According to him, the Angel News Director has connived with the young blind man to tarnish his hard-earned reputation. Oheneba exposed Kofi for lying that he never knew Borgaria stays with him and he never met him in his house.


Addressing the issue at hand, Kofi Adoma explained that, he never met Borgaria in Oheneba’s house and wasn’t aware he was the young man’s benefactor nor even staying with him.

Kofi further stated that all his interviews with Duodu on Kofi TV were strictly professional with no intention to solicit funds from the public; his number was put out just as every other resource person does on the show.

According to him, nobody has ever bad-mouthed Oheneba on his platform but rather, he was acknowledged for his good deed towards the blind boy.

Well, Oheneba in his usual fashion has dished out another hot reply to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani. According to him, all the responses Kofi gave are untrue and he’s being reluctant to accept his faults. He said that the CEO of Kofi TV lied when he mentioned that he never met Borgaria in his house and also he hasn’t interviewed him (Oheneba) more than six times. Oheneba in his earlier assertions disclosed Kofi TV has had a one-on-one interview with him for countless times but Kofi Adoma debunked the claims.

Mr. Ntim Barimah sent a strong warning to Kofi that he’s ready to face him and his diabolic agenda.

We are yet to hear the response from Kofi Adoma whether he is going to retaliate or not.

Watch the video below;