Ofui,odwanmεεh do you think I fear you – Okatakyie Afrifa replies Kevin Taylor

The feud between Kevin Taylor and Okatakyie Afrifa has just begun as the two have started throwing shots at each other on social media.

US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor claimed that he has a docket full of fraudulent stuff of Okatakyie Afrifa and will be made public if he dares him by mentioning his name.

Kevin using unprintable words alleged that Okatakyie is a womanizer who slɛɛps with prost!tutɛs despite being married.

According to Taylor, the former worker of TV XYZ is a thiɛf and all that he’s good at is to slɛɛp around with women. He further alleged that Okatakyie was sacked from his current job because of his irresponsible behavior.

Well, Okatakyie Afrifa has finally replied him. He debunked Kevin’s claims that he has a docket of his fraudulent stuff. According to him, he knows nothing about him and he has no time for his (Kevin’s) negative energy.

He wrote;

You say mention my name and I will bring out docket, I mention your name, then you say come and do Facebook live. NKWADAA ADWENE.

ODWAN you don’t have the docket no more? How can you bring my wife to Ghana when she already lives in Ghana?

Chale, you know nothing about me. #Ofui #Odwanm33h ad3n aa, mention my name. Wo din Kevin kankan no anaa Taylor Bini no na me suro? A cheek of it.

Chale, I don’t have time for these negative energy. #Opuro

#ALutaContinua #YP #ForTheRecords

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