Ofosu Ampofo And Pentecost Leaders Allegedly Begged Nana Addo

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News broke down prosecution witness confirming to Accra  High Court of the voice on a leaked tape inciting violence against the country Ghana to be the voice of the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC ), Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. 

According to Chief Inspector Bernard Bekoe’s testimony, when the leaked tape said to be Ofosu Ampofo’s voice and another voice recorded of Ofosu Ampofo sent to forensic analysis, results proved both voices to be the voice of the NDC chairman Ofosu Ampofo. 

Ofosu Ampofo pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit assault against public officers as to not guilty for inciting NDC supporters to perpetrate violence against the leadership of the Electoral Commission and the National Peace Council. 

In audio presented by Oman Channel on Youtube, there is said the elders of the Church of Pentecost allegedly bagged Nana Addo to forgive Ofosu Ampofo and sweep the case under the carpet instead of allowing Ofosu Ampofo to face the laws of the country. 

“ According to Allotey Jacob, he said when he thought the audio can lead Ofosu Ampofo to be jailed, he advised Ofosu Ampofo that if you make a mistake, you can be jailed. If possible, go meet some leaders of the Pentecost and he went to meet some of the leaders of Pentecost which they went to beg Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.” 

 Oman Channel presenter stated the apology is as a result of Ofosu Ampofo not being seen or heard of facing any legal actions by the state. 

Source: adepanews.com