Obrafour has no right to sue Drake, the “killer cut blood’ sound is mine – Chalewote organiser Mantse Aryeequaye claims

Mantse Aryeequare, the organizer of ‘Chalewate’ festival has waded into the lawsuit rapper Obrafour filed against Canadian singer Drake.

According to him, the sound that Drake sampled for his ‘Calling My Name’  song is his (Mantse Aryeequare) intellectual property and does not belong to Obrafour.

Hello @Drake the intellectual property more specifically the ‘KILLER CUT’ sound which was sampled in your song “Calling My Name” belongs to me Mantse Aryeequaye and not to @IamObrafuo, he said in a Twitter post.

Mr. Mantse alleged that Obrafour is a thief trying to steal his intellectual property and a cheat who has never paid him a dime after over 20 years of work.

On April 19, 2023, reports went viral that Obrafour has sued Drake for copyright infringement.

The lawsuit arises from Drake’s use of a sample from Obrafour’s song “Oye Ohene (Remix)” in his track “Calling My Name.” Despite being denied permission by Obrafour and his team, Drake still used the sample, causing damage to Obrafour’s reputation and potential financial loss in royalties.

Read his tweets below;

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