“Oboy Siki is a f00lish old man” — Kumchacha clash with Boys Boys on social media

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Prophet Kumchacha has dished out a plate of insults to Kumawood actor Oboy Siki.

This comes after the renowned actor said the Prophet has graduated from being a man of God to comedian.

The Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry is on record to have described Church members as fools for giving to support every course in Church while they resort to prayers for their own problems.

“Church members are fools, when the Pastor has a problem they give to support the Pastor but when they have problems the Pastor asks them to resort to prayers,” the Prophet is on record to have said.

Reacting to this, Oboy Siki indicated that he is shocked that such a comment could come from a leading man of God like Kumchacha.

According to him, it comes to confirm the fact that Kumchacha has transitioned from being a Man of God to being a comedian.

“Right now he has moved from being a Pastor to being a comedian. When Kumchacha was building his brand and church and was juggling between Accra and Kumasi he wouldn’t have said this.

“Now he works on social media and so he can choose to say anything he wishes to say. There are things Kumchacha does not deserve to say. We all know the Church is now a business so if you come to insult Church members it becomes worrying.

“When Kumchacha was making money from his Church he never said the Church members are fools but now that they have seen the light and have refused to give in Church, he has decided to speak ill against Church members”.

Oboy Siki indicated that Prophet is opening himself to insults from the public and therefore the earlier he ends up showing up for interviews everywhere the better for him.

As usual, Kumchacha has replied Oboy Siki and below is what he had to say;