Oboy Siki doesn’t act his age — Don Little jabs

Actor Don Little has descended heavily on Oboy Siki over the comments he made about the marriage of their colleague actress Tracey Boakye.

Don Little described Oboy Siki as someone who doesn’t act his age.

A few days ago, Oboy Siki said the marriage between Tracey and her spouse has been staged as a cover-up.

“I don’t see it as marriage, I see it as a trick, I feel they sat and plotted something,” he said in a recent interview.

Speaking during the interview he granted to a Kumawood Youtuber, he continued that;

“it’s not the type of marriage that God said the two shall become one. It’s not God’s plan … what they have done is like cover-up”.

“Their marriage will not go far. If it reaches six months it means their marriage contract is six months.

However, speaking on Oman Channel’s Judgement Day, Don Little dragged his senior colleague over his statement.

“It is said that when some people grow old, they begin to think like toddlers, that’s how Oboy Siki is now”, he said.

It is his childish mind that is controlling him. If not, he would not announce his taste for young girls. For someone his age, he goes about making all sorts of childish pronouncements. Let’s imagine Tracey Boakye was to be his daughter, would he have such a foolish wish about her? he questioned.


“Are you God to say that her marriage will collapse? Stop with the loose talk and apologize to Tracey for making such a statement”, Don Little added.