Obinim explains why he sacked his 72 pastors

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed the main reason why he sacked 72 men of God from his church.

The founder of International God’s Way Church subtly reacting to the reports said the pastors were dismissed because they lost in touch with what the church stands for.

The renowned man of God added that the sacked pastors were not beneficial to his church.

He revealed that he doesn’t need just pastors, he only needs gifted, talented, and wise leaders around him, those who will use their wisdom to flourish his church.

About 15 pastors have been retained to continue the work of God, and of these 15, Bishop Obinim said, are perfectly doing the work of the 72, making him realise he was keeping quantity, not quality.

He disclosed that he spent about GHS 120,000 on these pastors, yet they were not fruitful.

Currently, every branch of the International God’s Way Church has only one leader, except his main Kumasi branch, where he has retained three pastors.