Obaapa Christy has denied me access to my children — Pastor Love

Pastor Love, the ex-husband of gospel singer Obaapa Christy has opened up on how the gospel musician has been preventing him from seeing his kids.

According to him, the renowned gospel singer has not been allowing him to get access to their kids.

“My children are very dear to me, but at a point, my ex-wife said she will never allow me to see the kids. What can I do?” Pastor Love quizzed?

In a phone interview with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere on Onua FM, the clergyman said: “the judge who presided over our divorce case gave the two of us custody. The children are grown now and more or less, I’m being denied access to the children. I don’t want to pursue the issue, because in our part of the world if you follow some of these issues to the latter, the outcome would be terrible.

“I’ve let it slide and I am okay. I’m not the first person to go through such trouble. I’m not the only person and won’t be the only person who has gone through and will go through. Some of the women in our society, if you are no more with them, that’s what they’ll do to you,” he bemoaned.

The marriage between Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy hit the rocks a decade ago.