Leader of North Korea, Kim Jung-Un is reportedly in a very weak condition after he underwent an unspecified surgical operation, according to American intelligence

The daily NK news outlet however reported that, his condition is improving after having a heart surgery …. For now he is staying at a countryside villa, outside the North Korean capital, Pyongyang to recover fully

The North Korean leader was absent in an event and an important annual holiday that was held on April 15,2020 to commemorate the birth of his grandfather, Kim IL Sung, the founder of North Korea, drew suspicions of his illness

Dozens of top government officials attended the flamboyant military parade at the Kumsusan palace of the SUN on April 15, with the leader no where to be found

According to reports, he had the surgery on 12th April, 2020 because of “excessive smoking, obesity and over work” and is now receiving treatment following the procedure

According to the news outlet, medical officials treating him left the Vila on April. 19 to Pyongyang after his condition improved

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